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Mall Facilities

Facilities and services available at include: 
  • ATM : CIMB ( LG-ATM-01), Maybank (4-ATM-01) and RHB (4-ATM-02)
  • Money changer : LG2-03A Hai Shan Sdn Bhd  
  • Carpark : P1, P2 and P3  
  • Nursing Room : Available on LG Floor and AEON Level 2.  
  • Surau : Available on LG Floor and AEON Level 2.  
  • Restrooms : Available on all Floors and Levels  

Family Services

Nursing Room
Located at LG Floor and Level 2 AEON. Parents would be pleased to know that we’ve also thought of their needs. Guests who have babies can change their diapers and nurse them away from prying eyes.

  • CIMB Bank : LG-ATM-01 
  • Maybank : Level 4-ATM-01
  • RHB : Level 4-ATM
ATMs dispense cash and provide other services that allow our guests to make the most out of their time at the mall.

For more information, please contact our concierge staff.


New to Quill City Mall? Need a recommendation on the best places to eat or shop? Perhaps you need clear directions to your favourite store or a restaurant rather than rely on vague directions from passer-bys. Our friendly concierge staff at the Ground Floor are ever willing to lend a helping hand to those who need information on their intended destinations.

Money Exchange
Foreign guests who wish to exchange their currency to RM may do so at the money changer located at the LG2 – 03A. From USD, the Japanese Yen to other popular foreign currencies, guests can be certain of the best rates from our money changer.

Prayer Room
Located at LG and Level 2 AEON, devout guests can perform their daily prayers at the prayer room. For more information on the prayer room, please contact our concierge staff.

Security Escort
Our uniformed escorts are part of our security team that monitors Quill City Mall at all times. They are available to escort guests to their cars at any time.

Hair Salon
The mall also features a full service hair salon which located at Level 2-23A (A-Saloon) and Level 4-17 (Derrick & Team Hairdressing). They provides impeccable personalized hair care and styling services and also supplies premium hair care products.

Print Station
Guests who require printing service can head to MBE Mail Box Etc at LG floor. Whether it is an A4 sized document or otherwise, the print station has a wide variety of services to meet just about any printing need.
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